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Here’s what some of our Boise, ID customers are saying about us:

5 Stars!

Russell Strong Google Review

Absolutely impressed with their help. They set me up to fix my 4Runner that had a bad wheel bearing - that a Toyota dealership said was completely fine - and then haggled the insurance company that saved me so much money. I am grateful for their honest service!

Sabrina Schuler Google Review

5 Stars!

Melissa Jarboe Google Review

Excellent service. Very knowledgeable staff.

Clemente Abrenilla Jr. Google Review

Took great care of my '67 Chevelle's driveline rumble, balanced it n it's gone!

Dyan Mcc Google Review

5 Stars!

Ben Cook Google Review

5 Stars!

Remington Kuehl Google Review

Great bunch of guys! Really helpful with my problem, and got it done quickly!
Thanks guys!

David Lee Google Review

Great service and very quick will take all of my drive train issues there and highly recommend

Tony Richards Google Review

Great place,and great guys

Kenny Stewart Google Review

5 Stars!

William Scott Google Review

5 Stars!

Timber VanLom Google Review

Definitely the best shop in the valley!!! Helped me find a driveline yoke and very affordable!! If you have drive train issues, I highly recommend Jim's!

Travis Farnworth Google Review

5 Stars!

Tom Gilmore Google Review


Fred Lawson Google Review

Good folks. Always quality

Bobby Amidon Google Review

My classic car had a vibration I could feel thru the floor...I had Jim's check it out.
They found 1 u joint was bad so we replaced both. Now it's like new! Give them a call if you're having not so good vibrations

Helen McCoy Google Review

I needed help removing a u joint on my 2000 chevy pickup. I had pulled my drive line, got most of the u joints off but had two caps on both sides that were being stubborn. I took my drive shaft down to them and they pressed them out for me for about $20 and was done in about an hour. They even took it with out an appointment due to it being an emergency because I had struggled for 3 days with it. Would highly recommend them. They were awesome.

Mykyru Wolf Google Review

5 Stars!

David Carlson Google Review

Fast friendly service and prices are fair

Pat Thompson Google Review

They rebuilt the rear end in my race car ,it's been really good.

bill wilk Google Review

Called them and they fixed me up fast ! Highly recommend!!! Thanks guys

TNG Excavation & Paving Google Review

Outstanding work at an affordable price. Thanks Jim

Patrick Loomis Google Review

5 Stars!

Doug Miller Google Review

They do really good work, for a fair price.

Bill W Google Review

5 Stars!

Nash St. Amand Google Review

These guys know their stuff. Very professional, friendly company. Alex, thanks again for fixing my truck and saving my pocketbook.

Autumn Heppler Google Review

they did a great job on my 1957 belair rebuilding the 3rd member

michael prouty Jim's Drive Train Specialties, Inc. Customer Review

Same day service, very friendly staff, and they did a fantastic job .I definitely recommend "Jim's Drive Train" for your repair needs

Michael Basurto Google Review

5 Stars!

jesse turnbull Google Review

Everyone here was kind & attentive. They really know their stuff. More than satisfied with the service I recieved, better than what I've experienced from big corp companies. Always upfront with you about what's going on, & fast turnaround. Highly recommend!

Mickey Shep Google Review

5 Stars!

beraad69 Google Review

I heard a noise coming from the rear of 2008 Toyota Tundra, I had originally it was a U joint, turned out to be a false assumption on my part.Took it to the Toyota dealer and they said they bearings in the third member where bad $2600 dollars worth to be exact. At the recommendation of a friend I took it to Jim's Drive Train. It turns out to be the best advice I have ever had. Jim's crew put the truck up on the rack and ID'd the problem as a bad bearing in the right rear wheel. I had them do the repair and they saved me over $1800 Dollars in the process.

I found Jim and his staff to quick and accurate in their diagnosis and and repair. Without reservation, if you have a drive line problem they are the only place to go. I found them to be very honorable people to work with.
From my first visit to, diagnosis, thru the repair which was done when the said it would be.

They are great people to work with, PERIOD.

Thank you "Jim" and your crew !!!!!!!

Dan Barbour Google Review

You guys are awesome they know what they're doing

Curt Poston Google Review

Great service, my truck drives like it is brand new!

Bradley Hille Jim's Drive Train Specialties, Inc. Customer Review

It has been over a year now that I brought in my Jeep Liberty CRD in for repair. I had noticed some vibration coming from the rear side of my vehicle. I assumed I needed to get the U-Joints replaced or the drive-line needed balanced. I called Jim's to make an appointment they said "Can you bring it down first thing in the morning?" I asked if I could drop it off tonight? They said "sure if that works better for you." By 9:00 a.m. I get a call saying they couldn't find anything wrong nor notice any vibration. I thought it figures... It won't vibrate now that it's at the shop. When I arrived I ended up shooting the breeze with these guys for a while, as they were very polite and personable. I asked how much I owed for diagnostics? I was shocked when they said "no charge, bring it back if it starts vibrating again." Well it never did since. I was very impressed with their honesty, as they could have easily installed U Joints and told me all better now. Talk about doing the right thing when nobody is looking! Thank you guys, I highly recommend you!

Ryan Combe Jim's Drive Train Specialties, Inc. Customer Review

I took my truck in to Jims Drive Train for a second opinion on the drive lines front and back.
They were honest and saved me from doing unnecessary work to my truck that another shop in Nampa told me everything was bad.
Jim's did a good job for me and saved me money.

Jim M Google Review

Great staff and quick turn around. They do a great job and they're reasonably priced.

Bryan Londo Google Review

Jim and the guys are the best. Had a little vibration fixed right up. Won't let anyone else touch my baby.

Rob Harrison Google Review

Will come back! This a 5 star shop. Had twisted rear axle jeep issue repaired in a few days, back on the road.

Rob Robinson Google Review

From the The rear end/drive line in my 7second drag car to a old farm truck, Jims is my go to place. Hands down the best in the valley. Friendly, knowledgeable and quick!

Michael Berardinelli Google Review

Jim's had my truck for a day for a complete rear end rebuild, the other shops I contacted wanted my truck for 3 or more days and wanted to charge me almost double what I paid at Jim's. The work was excellent as well as the customer service. Not to mention the free inspection and fluid change after the break in period. I'll recommend Jim's to anyone needing drivetrain work done on their vehicles.

Scott Jack Google Review

Fair and Fast!! I had originally taken my Suburban to Heritage Auto in Meridian. When I was quoted an outrageous price to replace the rear diff, I shopped. So glad I found Jim's! They did it for less than half the price and had my burb back on the road the same day!

Highly recommended!

Josh McAllister Google Review

I could share my experience but to say the least it was perfect. Jim charged less than what was quoted and that was a 3rd less that the name brand shop. Thanks Jim

Brian Harrington Google Review

Best in the business!!!

Aar Bar Google Review

Jim is great. Stopped in for two small needle style grease fittings. He handed them to me. When I asked how much I owed him the answer was that they were on the house. His cost was about 5 cents each so he felt bad aobut charging for them. This is a great way to do business. I will recommend him to everyone I can.

Greg Carr Google Review

Had to do a ton of work it was all needed Jim and his son did some great work and at a good price. Check them out. Ps they have a badass dog as well

Jordan Leuzinger Google Review

These guys are the best. All around great guys. Always going above and beyond to help me out with repairs. Yes, they specialize in drivelines, axle swaps, and differential builds, but they do a lot of other repairs, maintenance, etc. as well.

Timmy Moreshead Google Review

A true Idaho business! I've been going to Jim's for over 20 years.

Scott Brown Google Review

My 2005 Chevy Avalanche had developed a in the rear end at high speeds. I took it to Jim's and they diagnosed the problem and let me know that until they were into the rear end, they wouldn't know for sure the extent of the repairs needed. After a day at Jim's they had replaced a couple of axle bearing that were damaged during an accident months earlier. The staff were professional and friendly and they didn't milk me for lots of extras. They under-promised, and over-delivered!.

Joe D'Errico Jim's Drive Train Specialties, Inc. Customer Review

I have been fighting a vibration on my GMC for 2 years. Multiple shops have attempted repair with no success. Took my GMC to Jim. He found the problem, a bent axle. Jim is honest, ethical and very reasonably priced. Thank you!

Scott Hamilton Google Review

I have been using Jim's Drivetrain for a couple of years now. During this time they have performed the following service on my vehicles: Ball joints, u-joints, driveshaft balancing, track bar replacement, steering upgrade kit, and front and rear differential replacement w/limited slip. The work they perform here is excellent. No pressure repair work, never up sold any repairs, just quality repairs by honest people. I highly recommend this shop.

Jon Ray Jim's Drive Train Specialties, Inc. Customer Review

Jim and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I stopped by on a Friday afternoon you all then to look at my truck and give me a quote on a front driveline and they were bustling. They had my truck in a bay with 20 minutes and Jim gave my an array of possibilities to choose from. Love these guys. Oh yeah they built the rear driveshaft for my truck. Thing could push a tank and looked like a work of art.

Scott Funkhouser Google Review

Very friendly and helpful

lee wilkinson Google Review

5 Stars!

Nash St. Amand Google Review

Great work

phil koyama Google Review

Amazing work and a fair price. The owner speaks directly with you so there is no run around

Biarki Viorandr Google Review

The best company in Idaho to go to for driveline work

Truckdriver Hazard Google Review

4 Stars!

Scott Witzel Google Review

5 Stars!

steven lambert Google Review

These guys are the real deal. Do yourself a favor and give Jim's your business. They got my 1967 Chevelle 396 Super Sport back up and running after 18 years of sitting. New rear end, posi, brakes, sport suspension, this crew does it all and does it well. I will continue to go back just to hang out with them.

Coup Clothing Google Review

5 Stars!

Willie Lambert Google Review

Jim Lambert knows his stuff

caleb baumhoff Google Review

I've been working on my 1968 Dodge Mopar, however there are some things you should just pay someone to do it right. I wanted a limited slip Detroit True Track in the 8 3/4 rear-end. I called around and nobody sounded confident in doing the work except for Jim. When I dropped it off be apologize because he was a bit dirty. The work performed was excellent, thanks.

Nathan H. Google Review

Honorable and Accurate! I was in town from out of state when my U-Joint went out. Being Sunday and a Toyota 4x4 no local shops wanted to touch the project but instead recommended Jim's. I sent my family home in a rental car, got a room and waited for Jim's to open. First thing Monday morning I pulled in and shared my story. Jim said he'd have it done that day if I could leave it. They even gave me a ride into town. An hour later Jim called to tell me my driveline was shot. We could look for a used one or...as luck might have it, Jim had a new driveline head (for a 20 year old truck) in stock. We decided to have him cut the old damaged one off and weld the new one on. This is not a task for amateurs. In a few hours my 4Runner was back on the road and I was heading for home. Estimates locally were $680 for new U-Joints. Jim did all that plus the welding and new driveline head for just over $500. The guy knew I was from out of town and stuck, he could have charged me anything. Honesty goes a long way with me and I've found my new undercarriage shop for life. Now to get that front locker installed! Thanks again Jim, you guys are a blessing!

Bryan Lee Jim's Drive Train Specialties, Inc. Customer Review

The only place to go for drivetrain issues. Jim is personable, reasonable and super knowledgeable. Re-geared my Falcon to be more highway friendly. Couldn't be more pleased with his work!

B Williams Google Review

Honest and professional. Not for general mechanic work, just drivetrain. Recommended to me by big o.

Chris Walhof Google Review

Jim treated me right

Luke Patterson Google Review

Jim's Drivetrain is the kind of shop that is hard to find. From Jim, I have received nothing but genuine service, and honesty when it comes to what needs to be fixed. I will not take my vehicles to anyone but Jim. Whether it be building a new driveline, front end rebuild, or fixing a leaky transfer case, these guys will take care of you at a fair price, and even give you a courtesy ride if needed.

Casey George Google Review

5 Stars!

Andrew Massoud Google Review

GREAT bunch of guys! Unbeatable customer service. Very knowledgeable. I came in with random parts and questions. I left with answers and COMPLETE satisfaction!!

Thanks for taking care of this ol' Vet Jim! :D

Jay Steele Google Review

These guys are honest and work hard.

Paul C Townsend Google Review

They inspected my truck for free and helped me set a plan in place to repair it. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for an honest company.

Brian Ellsworth Google Review

Just picked up my truck today after having the rear u joints replaced. When I picked it up, Jim told me that he had not only replaced the u joints, but also fixed a bent driveshaft, and also looked at the front drive shaft and found a couple of issues that he also fixed! His bill was within $30 of the original estimate even with the extra work he did! I also had him check the front suspension components since one of the bigger tire shops in the area told me I needed $850 of front end work. He looked, and said I did not need any work done, and that things were fine. Saved me a ton of money!!

Brian Poulsen Google Review

Ive gone to other locations in the Valley and none of the compare to the experience I had with Jim's. Greatest place ive gone with actual customer service.

Taylor Hoff Google Review

These guys are awesome! They fixed up my 87 chevy and helped me out on my 07 as well. I will always do business with these guys.-JR

Michael Parks Google Review

10/23/13, unable to disconnect the REMCO Driveline Disconnect installed in our Ford F-150 Pick-up so the truck could be towed behind our Motorhome. The unit was locked up. We were set to do our Snowbird thing when this occurred. Luckily, referred to Jim's Drive Train Specialties. Spoke with Jim, they were very busy however he kindly took the time to take a look. He put the truck on a hoist and had his most experienced man with these devices solve the problem. Excellent service and a firm I heartily recommend.

Len Lofthus Google Review

These guys are awesome. The dealership was going to charge me 4x the price for same work. These guys are honest and work hard.

Fast service, great work and at a great price. What more can I say.

Thanks Guys - JS

Jeremy Sands Google Review

Had a rebuilt transfer case put in my truck, which had a bad component due to a parts source which has since been dropped. Jim and his crew made it right, and quickly. Fair prices, too.

M. Black Google Review

Jim's Drive Train is a small shop off of Chinden on 41st street. Jim was very helpful and did quality work on our truck and we were shocked at how little it cost. Great small business, I highly recommend.

A Google User Google Review

Jim and his staff are very friendly. I have done business with him for the past 3 years. He has rebuilt a vintage corvette straight axle rear end for me with an Eaton posi-traction unit in it, done 3 custom drive shafts for me, and put an Auburn posi unit and brakes in the rear end of my vintage Belair. He has also helped remove the rattle/shimmy in my Suburban driveline that was occurring when driving over 55 MPH - smooth now. I honestly believe he is the best. He is very busy, but is known to work until midnight to get projects done for customers on occasion. He is a racer, and is well known in the Boise community. He is not the cheapest on the planet, but the best never is. I think his rates are reasonable considering the fact he is the only option in the Treasure Valley that does custom drive shafts locally. I have never had any problems with any of the work Jim's Drive Train has done. All rear ends and drive shafts have worked flawlessly. He is fairly meticulous at what he does. He is well networked, so if there is something he cannot do or does not have the time to do, he will give you the name, business card, and the point of contact at another shop. If I had time I would just hang out at the shop, but I work a lot and he is very busy, so I would say we have a friendly long term working relationship. I am confident that if I ran into him or any of his crew at Firebird raceway or even out grocery shopping, he would stop to say hello and ask about my wife and my various projects. Up next for Jim: We're going to have him do both the drive shafts on our custom 68 bronco!

David L. Yelp Review

Have known Jim for 30 plus years. The only place in all of Boise nampa caldwell area I would ever let work on my vehicles. Drive Lines to rear ends front ends they do it all. Jim goes above and beyond.

Willie L. Yelp Review

I didn't want to use Jim's Drive Train...My wife and I drove up from Utah to Boise - 350 miles overnight - for a medical emergency with our son. When we arrived at our hotel, the prop-shaft failed on our Subaru.

It was Sunday morning; nowhere open, so we had to wait until Monday.

Monday comes around, and we called the dealership. 'A complete replacement', they said, 'We can have the part here by Wednesday. It'll be fixed by Thursday'.

I called Jim's, just because there was noone else I could find in town. He sourced the part, had it overnighted, and installed it by midday Tuesday. They even dropped me off and picked me up from my hotel. Fantastic customer service, great work, and excellent quality parts and prices. If I was nearer, I'd certainly use him again.

YellowPages Review

5 Stars!

William Scott Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Tyler Lambert Facebook Review

Good people and awesome work! They woke up my Lincoln with 4:10 gears! Great job jims drive train!

Joseph Reed Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Trevor Lempesis Facebook Review

Best ever!

Timmy Moreshead Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Willie Lambert Facebook Review

Over the years I've had some work done on a few trucks there. Jim went out of his way to help my wife and I.....I don't trust anyone else to touch the drivetrain on any of my vehicles or my family's!!!!!!

JUST SAYING !!!!!!! Thanks Jim and crew!!!

James Gates LaLonde Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Alex Lambert Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Ben Cook Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Jerry Mangum Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Jesse Bates Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Jacob Wood Facebook Review

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